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Involved in promoting social interactions

Engaged in efforts that enrich the values in areas of education, social entrepreneurship, affordable housing, old age care, mainstreaming intellectually challenged people and promoting sustainable farming practices; understanding the reasons for compassion and social innovations.

The foundation has been working to accomplish its social objectives since its inception in 2011

Geriatric care –ULCare

The National Policy on Older Persons (NPOP) was announced in January 1999 to reaffirm the commitment to ensure the well-being of the older persons.

Education -
Learn for competition

Vagbhatananda Edu Project (VEP) brings career ambition and supplementary learning central to your strong desire to achieve big.
VEP transforms academic learning to a competitive approach, paying individual attention to developing competitive aspects, effectively translating to a best future career

Rehabilitation of differently
-abled –ULCare

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities emphasize on respecting their inherent dignity, individual autonomy including the freedom ...

Rehabilitation is a combination of interventions that give power to individuals with disabilities to achieve personally rewarding and socially significant relations in their surroundings.

This project aims at assisting the people with differential abilities-especially mentally challenged-to lead a meaningful life within their abilities.


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Students of ULCCS Foundation perform at 6th anniversary celebrations of ULTS

The rehabilitation registration camp conducted at Eranhipalam, enlightened the minds of

ULCCS and Cindrebay Nurture, together put forward the first-hand experience

Geriatric Medical Camp

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